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University of Georgia

Please read the entire final exam policy here 


Final Exam Schedule Conflicts

Upon the consent of the academic department, the individual faculty instructor has the authority to manage students who have conflicts with the final examination schedule. A student with three final examinations scheduled within a twenty-four (24) hour period* or two examinations at the same time may petition to reschedule one exam to a different time or day. If one of the conflicting final examinations is a mass exam, then it should be rescheduled first. The instructions for rescheduling are located at the following web sites: www.bulletin.uga.edu and www.curriculumsystems.uga.edu.

*The twenty-four (24) hour period begins at the start time of the first exam.

Admission to Course Examinations

Students who have not registered for the course will not be admitted to the final examination, and only under extraordinary circumstances will they be admitted to the examination unless they have attended at least 50 percent of the total class and laboratory exercises held in the course.