Phi Alpha Theta's annual spring dinner lecture - "Between a Dungeon and the Deep Blue Sea" presented by Dr. Steven Soper (UGA, History) . Mark your calendars for a great night of history, community, and dinner from Dondero's kitchen. Limited seating. Advance tickets are required for this event, tickets are sold out.

From Dr. Soper: "Anyone interested in the trauma of deportation in the contemporary world might wonder how the experience of deportation was recorded in the past. One well-documented case is the forced exile in 1859 of a group of southern Italian political prisoners, on a two-leg ocean journey, from Naples to New York. After ten years of physical and emotional hardship in prison, these men were told they could begin new lives in the United States. And yet they desperately sought to avoid this fate, eventually hijacking the ship hired to take them to New York and forcing it to land in Ireland. What were these men most afraid of and concerned about? Was it the possibility of going down in a storm in the Atlantic Ocean? Or the prospect of greater suffering and mistreatment in the United States? The answers lie in the many letters and diaries written by this group of deportees while sailing across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean."