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Alexander, Angela
Graduate Student
Antebellum American political, cultural, and intellectual history  Office: 103 LeConte
Allred, Ashley
Graduate Student
Early American History  Office: 114 LeConte
Hours: By Appt.
Angermeier, Derrick
Graduate Student
Nazi Germany, Nazi Ideology  Office: 120 LeConte
Arguedas, Roberto
Graduate Student
US-Latin American Diplomatic History  Office: 104 LeConte
Barnett, Sheila
Administrative Associate
  Office: 208 LeConte
Bentley, Derek
Graduate Student
Cultural and political history of Latin America, Modern Mexico, History of capitalism, U.S. and transnational business history
Berry, Stephen
Associate Professor and Gregory Chair in the Civil War Era and Co-Director, Center for Virtual History
Civil War-Era America; U.S. South; race, gender, family, and culture  Office: 324 LeConte
Hours: On leave
Blair, Monica
Graduate Student
20th-c. America, Southern U.S., U.S. Social Movements, History of Education  Office: 114 LeConte
Hours: by appointment
Brackett Fialka, Katherine
Graduate Student
19th-c. U.S. South  Office: 122 LeConte
Briscoe, Laura
Graduate Student
History of Capitalism, Southern U.S., Women's History  Office: 116 LeConte
Busquets, Lizette
Graduate Student
Late 19th-Early 20th c. Latin America Public Health, Medicine, and Healing Practices  Office: 112 LeConte
Cabe, Sharon
Business Manager
  Office: 202 LeConte
Carroll, Dillon
Graduate Student
American Civil War, Gender, Medicine, Injury, Mental Health
Cartwright, Cilla
Administrative Assistant, Main Office
  Office: Main Office 220 LeConte
(706) 542-2053
Chamosa, Oscar
Associate Professor
Social and cultural history of Argentina, Rural Andean Argentina, Folklore and Popular Culture in the Twentieth Century   Office: 236 LeConte
Clark, Kathleen
Associate Professor
19th and 20th century U.S.; Gender and Race; southern U.S.  Office: 301 LeConte
Hours: on leave fall 2014
Cleaveland, Timothy
Associate Professor
Islamic West Africa, and the history of slavery, gender and race  Office: 235 LeConte
Hours: T/R 12:15-1:15pm
(706) 542-2479
Cobb, James C.
Professor and Spalding Distinguished Research Professor and Spalding Distinguished Research Professor
Southern history and culture  Office: 228 LeConte
Hours: T, 1:30-5:00 or by appt.
Cromwell, Alisha M.
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Gender and Women's History; Slavery; The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade; Islamic West Africa; Atlantic World; American and European Economic History  Office: 332 LeConte
Hours: MW, 12-1:15pm
Dahlstrand, Katharine
Graduate Student
US Reconstruction, Appalachian History, Southern History  Office: LeConte
Davis, Christina L.
Graduate Student
African American Education; 19th Century American History; Women's History
Davis, Laura J.
Graduate Student
Antebellum and Civil War America, Gender and Women's Studies, Military History  Office: 301B LeConte
Hours: W 1:30-2:30
Davis, Ruth
Graduate Student
Chicano History, Race, Legal and Educational  Office: 120 LeConte
Hours: by appointment
Dinani, Husseina
Assistant Professor
Women, citizenship and development in colonial and postcolonial Tanzania  Office: 232 LeConte
Hours: M, W 12:30-1:30pm or by appt
Drake, Brian
Environmental history, 20th-century US social/political history  Office: 330 LeConte
Hours: TR 10:45-11:45
Du, Dan
Graduate Student
Capitalism; East Asia and U.S.; Business and Financial History  Office: 134 LeConte
Hours: by appt.
Ehlers, Benjamin
Associate Professor
Early modern Europe; Hapsburg Spain; religious history  Office: 315 LeConte
Hours: MT 10-12 and by appt
(706) 542-2520
Elder, Angela Esco
Graduate Student
Antebellum/Civil War America, U.S. South, Gender  Office: 310 LeConte
Ellett, Ashton
Graduate Student
20th-Century U.S., Conservatism, Politics, Business and Capitalism, Civil Rights, American South, Georgia History   Office: 104 LeConte
Hours: By appointment
Fialka, Andrew
Graduate Student
19th C. U.S.; Civil War and Reconstruction; guerrilla warfare; digital history and GIS; southern food  Office: 122 LeConte
Forts, Franklin
Graduate Student
African American masculinity
Gallucci, Nicole
Graduate Student
American Indian History (esp. Southeast), Atlantic World, Colonial Latin America.  Office: LeConte
Hamilton, Shane
Associate Professor and Associate Director, Center for Virtual History
20th-century U.S. history; agriculture and rural life; history of technology; history of capitalism  Office: 318 LeConte
Hours: by appointment
Hepworth, Jonathan
Graduate Student
U.S. South, U.S. 19th and 20th Century, African-American  Office: 118 LeConte
Hoffer, Peter C.
Professor and Distinguished Research Professor
Early American history and legal history  Office: 317 LeConte
Hours: T/R 1:00-2:00pm
(706) 542-2519
Holloway, Matthew
Graduate Student
Capitalism, U.S. 19th & 20th Century, Cultural & Intellectual  Office: 112 LeConte
Holmes, Catherine
Graduate Student
U.S. South: African American history.
Hulbert, Kylie A.
Graduate Student
Colonial and Revolutionary America, Atlantic World, War and Society  Office: 310 LeConte
Hours: By Appointment
Hulbert, Matthew
Graduate Student
Cultural History of 19th Century America: Civil War & Reconstruction; Social Memory, Irregular Violence, Film History, Western Mythology  Office: 340 LeConte
Hours: By appointment
Hyun, Jun Suk
Graduate Student
U.S. diplomacy in the 20th century  Office: 122 LeConte
Inscoe, John
Professor and Albert B. Saye Professor of History and University Professor
19th-century U.S. South; Appalachia; Civil War  Office: 111 LeConte
Hours: T/R 1:30-3:30pm
(706) 542-8848
Johnson, Michele
Graduate Student
World Wars I and II, African American, Women  Office: LeConte
Johnson, Timothy
Graduate Student
U.S. South, Post-1865 U.S., Agriculture and Environment  Office: 103 LeConte
Jones, Kevin
Assistant Professor
History of Mid-East  Office: 306 LeConte
Kane, Laureen
Graduate Program / Probation Advisor
  Office: 211 LeConte
706 542-2298
Kirby, Jason
Graduate Student
Vietnam War era; General Westmoreland and race relations, military and political career
Krause, Kevin
Graduate Student
Southern Populism and "Tillmania" In South Carolina
Kreiner, Jamie
Assistant Professor
Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages  Office: 338 LeConte
Hours: M, 3-5pm
Kulikoff, Allan
Professor and Abraham Baldwin Distinguished Professor in the Humanities
Southern History, Early American History, agrarian history, history of capitalism  Office: 224 LeConte
Hours: 8:30-9:15 T, R
Lawton, Christopher
Part-Time Instructor
Antebellum South; regionalisms; cultural and intellectual history  Office: 234 LeConte
(706) 542-2024
Lee, Chana Kai
Associate Professor
African American, U.S. Women's, 20th Century U.S.  Office: 130 LeConte
Hours: TR, by appt (email her)
(706) 542-2541
Levine, Ari Daniel
Associate Professor
Cultural and intellectual history of early modern China, from 800 to 1600  Office: 336 LeConte
Hours: T 12:30-2pm & by appt
Manget, Luke
Graduate Student
19th-Century Appalachia, U.S. South, Environmental History   Office: 109 LeConte
Hours: M/W, 10-11am
Mattern, Susan
Social and cultural history of ancient Greece and Rome  Office: 327 LeConte
Hours: by appointment
McGuire, Samuel
Graduate Teaching Assistant
19th-early 20th c. U.S. South, Appalachia, Civil War Veterans and Memory, Class and Race  Office: 131 LeConte
McMurry, Nan
Adjunct and Librarian IV, Collections Development
History of American medicine; history of infectious and epidemic disease  Office: 6th floor Main Library
Hours: M-R 8-9 AM or by appointment
(706) 542-8474
Mihm, Stephen
Associate Professor
Economic, cultural, and intellectual history of 18th- and 19th-century America  Office: 302 LeConte
Hours: On leave
Moreton, Bethany
Associate Professor
History of capitalism, transnational history, 20th century U.S.; religion  Office: 326 LeConte
Hours: R, 6:30-8:30 pm
Morrow, Diane Batts
Associate Professor
Multicultural history and African American history  Office: 226 LeConte
Hours: T 3:30-4:45pm or by appt.
Morrow,Jr., John
European history; aviation history; WWI  Office: 316 LeConte
Hours: T--3:30-4:45pm, W -2:20-3:20pm
Munda, Brandon
Graduate Student
Atlantic World, Intelligence and Espionage  Office: 114 LeConte
Nehls, Kathi
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Progressive Era U.S.; women's history; public health  Office: 237 LeConte
Nordlund, Alexander
Graduate Student
War and Society, 19-20th C Modern Europe, WWI.  Office: LeConte
Owen, James
Graduate Student
Colonial South and Caribbean Native Americans and runaway slaves, hymnody, musicology, environmental history, capitalism.  Office: 122 LeConte
Hours: MW 11-12
Palmer, Jennifer
Assistant Professor
Race, gender, and slavery in France and its colonies in the eighteenth century  Office: 106 LeConte
Hours: T/R 2-3
Piazza, Stuart
IT Professional Associate
  Office: Park Hall
Poister, Robert
Graduate Student
Antebellum and Civil War U.S. South; 19th-Century Latin America and Caribbean  Office: 340 LeConte Hall
Hours: M, 10-11am and by appointment
Pollard, Miranda
Associate Professor
Modern Europe; twentieth-century France; sexuality in modern history; gay and lesbian studies; feminist theory  Office: 132 LeConte
Hours: by appt, e-mail ok
(706) 542-2658
Pratt, Robert A.
20th-century U.S.; African-American and Southern; civil rights movement  Office: 108 LeConte
Hours: By Appointment only
(706) 542-6393
Reason , Akela
Assistant Professor
19th-c. American Visual and Material Culture; Built Environment; Urban History; Gilded Age and Progressive Era  Office: 239 LeConte
Hours: T, R 1-2pm
Richier, Leah
Graduate Student
Family, gender, race, violence, and mental health  Office: 104 LeConte
Riley, Susan
Graduate Student
Robalik, Heather
Undergraduate Advisor (for non-Honors)
  Office: 128 LeConte
Roberts, Jessica
Undergraduate Advisor (for non-Honors)
  Office: 126 LeConte
706 583-8180
Rohrer, Katherine E.
Graduate Student
19th c. U.S. South, Race Relations, Religion, Gender  Office: 120 LeConte Hall
Hours: MTWRF 2:00-2:45 and by appt.
Rom, Kiersten
Graduate Student
19th U.S., Antebellum South, Digital History  Office: LeConte
Román, Reinaldo
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Latin American social and cultural history; modern Caribbean  Office: 212 LeConte
Hours: TR, 3:30 - 5:00pm
(706) 542-2501
Rood, Daniel
Assistant Professor
Slavery in the Atlantic World, Antebellum South, Latin America-Caribbean, Science and Technology, Capitalism  Office: 334 LeConte
Hours: WF 11-12 or by appointment
Roseberry, Ashley
Graduate Student
Early-Twentieth-Century Argentina; Populism; Popular Culture and Tradition  Office: 122 LeConte
Roundy, Kenneth
Graduate Student
U.S. and Latin American History 19th/20th Century, Comparative/Transnational/Environmental  Office: 116 LeConte
Hours: TR, 8:00am-10:30am, or by appointment
Saunt, Claudio
Professor and Department Head and Richard B. Russell Professor in American History and Associate Director, Institute of Native American Studies and Co-Director, Center for Virtual History
Early and Native American history  Office: 308 LeConte
Hours: T - 9:15-9:45am
Short , John
Assistant Professor
Cultural and social history of 19th- and 20th-cent...   Office: 328 LeConte
Hours: T 3:15-4:15 PM, W 5:30-6:30 PM, and by appointment
Soper, Steven
Lecturer and Temporary Assistant Professor
Modern Italy  Office: 128 LeConte
Hours: W 9-10 & by appt.
(706) 542-9471
Stephens, Alexander
Graduate Student
20th Century U.S. South, Social Movements, Labor and Capitalism  Office: LeConte
Sutter, Paul S.
Environmental History; Modern U.S. History; History of Public Health; American West   
Hours: (adjunct)
Taylor, Michael
Graduate Student
Early American Political History  Office: 134 LeConte
Hours: TR, 11-12PM; W, 1-2PM
Thomson, David
Graduate Student
Antebellum/Civil War America, Religion, History of Capitalism   Office: 220B LeConte
Hours: T 11:00-1:00, By appt.
Tracy, Dylan
IT Professional Specialist
  Office: Park Hall
Voekel, Pamela
Associate Professor
Cultural, religious and political history of modern and colonial Latin America, particularly Mexico  Office: 301C LeConte
Hours: T R 3:45--4:45 MLC Jittery Joes & by appt.
(706) 542-5376
Wall, James
Graduate Student
20th-century U.S.; African-American and Southern; Civil Rights Movement  Office: 109 LeConte
Hours: M 2-3pm, T 2-3pm
Washnock, Kaylynn
Graduate Student
Memory, Reconstruction, New South, Atlanta  Office: 104 LeConte
Welborn, James (Trae)
Part-Time Instructor
U.S. 19th & 20th Century; Civil War; U.S. South  Office: 214 LeConte
Whigham, Thomas
Colonial and modern Latin America; 18th- and19th-century social and economic history of Argentina and Paraguay  Office: 314 LeConte
Hours: T/R 11-12 and by appt
(706) 542-2493
Williams, Jessica
Graduate Student
19th and 20th c. Germany, popular culture, gender  Office: 120 LeConte
Willis, Kirk
Associate Professor and Honors Advisor
Modern Britain  Office: 124 LeConte
Hours: MWF 11-12 & by appt
(706) 542-2480
Windisch, Kurt
Graduate Student
Native American, military  Office: 301A LeConte
Hours: MW, 10-11 am, or by appt.
Winship, Michael P.
Professor and E. Merton Coulter Chair
Early modern British North American and British religious history  Office: 329 LeConte
Hours: MW - 2:30-3:30pm
(706) 542-2531
Wolf, Montgomery
Modern U.S. cultural history, popular music, consumer culture.  Office: 121 LeConte
Hours: W 1:30-3:00pm
Wunn, Jennifer
Graduate Student
Modern Europe
Young, Kevin
Graduate Teaching Assistant
U.S. South  Office: 312 LeConte
Hours: By appt.

Professors Emeritus

Anderson, James W.
Professor Emeritus
Berrigan, Joseph
Professor Emeritus
Boney, F. Nash
Professor Emeritus
Friday, Karl
Professor Emeritus
Premodern Japan; social history; Samurai culture
Friedman, Jean
Professor Emeritus
Ganschow, Thomas
Professor Emeritus
Holmes, William F.
Professor Emeritus
Langley, Lester
Professor Emeritus
McFeely, William
Professor Emeritus
McPherson, Robert
Professor Emeritus
Rader, Ronald
Professor Emeritus
Roberts, David
Professor Emeritus
Modern European cultural and intellectual history; 20th-c. Europe; fascism and totalitarianism; modern Italy
Sokol, Edward
Professor Emeritus
Stephens, Lester
Professor Emeritus
Stueck, William W.
Professor Emeritus
United States diplomatic history; Cold War; U.S.-Korean Relations; history of tobacco use and health in US
Thomas, Emory
Professor Emeritus
Tresp, Lothar
Professor Emeritus
Vipperman, Carl
Professor Emeritus
Wynes, Charles
Professor Emeritus

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