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John Inscoe

19th-century U.S. South; Appalachia; Civil War

Professor and Albert B. Saye Professor of History and University Professor
Ph.D. North Carolina 1985

Office: 111 LeConte
Office Hours: T/R 1:30-3:30pm
Phone: (706) 542-8848

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John Inscoe is the author of Mountain Masters: Slavery and the Sectional Crisis in Western North Carolina; Race, War, and Remembrance in the Appalachian South; and co-author of The Heart of Confederate Appalachia: The Civil War in Western North Carolina, and has edited or co-edited volumes on Georgia race relations, Appalachians and race in the 19th century, southern Unionists during the Civil War, and on Confederate nationalism and identity, produced as a tribute to Emory Thomas. He recently completed a book entitled Writing the South through the Self: Explorations in Southern Autobiography. He edited the Georgia Historical Quarterly for fifteen years and is currently the editor of the New Georgia Encyclopedia and Secretary-Treasurer of the Southern Historical Association.

Research and Teaching Interests

[Film and History]
[U.S. 19th & 20th Century]
[U.S. South]
[War and Diplomacy]

Selected Publications

Writing South through the Self: Explorations in Southern Autobiography (University of Georgia Press, 2011) More Info

The Civil War in Georgia: A New Georgia Encyclopedia Companion (UGA Press, 2011) edited by John Inscoe More Info

Race, War, and Remembrance in the Appalachian South (University Press of Kentucky, 2008) More Info

Inside the Confederate Nation: Essays in Honor of Emory M. Thomas (LSU Press, 2005) co-editor More Info

'Enemies of the Country': New Perspectives on Unionists in the Civil War South (University of Georgia Press, 2001) co-editor More Info

The Heart of Confederate Appalachia: Western North Carolina's Civil War (UNC Press, 2000) co-authored with Gordon B. McKinney

Appalachians and Race: From Slavery to Segregation in the Mountain South (University Press of Kentucky, 2000) editor

James Edward Oglethorpe: New Perspectives on His Life and Legacy (Georgia Historical Society, 1997) A Tercentenary, edited

Georgia in Black and White: Explorations in the Race Relations of a Southern State, 1865-1950 (UGA Press, 1994) More Info

Ulrich Bonnell Phillips: A Southern Historian and His Critics (Greenwood Press, 1990) co-edited

Mountain Masters: Slavery and the Sectional Crisis in Western North Carolina (University of Tennessee Press, 1989) More Info

The New Georgia Encyclopedia (, ) editor More Info

Honors and Awards

OAH Distinguished Lecturer, Organization of American Historians (2010-2012, 2013-2015)

Lillian Smith Book Award, for Writing the South through the Self (2012)

Leadership in History Award of Merit, AASLH, for The Civil War in Georgia (2012)

Malcolm and Muriel Bell Book Award, for Writing the South through the Self (2012)

Hugh McCall Award, Georgia Association of Historians (2012)

Lothar Tresp Award for Outstanding Honors Professor, UGA Honors Program (2010)

Governor’s Award in the Humanities (2005)

Teaching Excellence Award, UGA Student Government Association (2003, 2005)

Parks-Heggoy Award for Graduate Teaching, UGA History Department (1999, 2004)

W.D. Weatherford Book Award, for Mountain Masters (1990)

Thomas Wolfe Literary Award, for Mountain Masters (1989)

Courses Taught

FRES1020: Freshman Seminar [Syllabus]

HIST2112: U.S. History 1865 to Present [Syllabus]

HIST4050: American Lives [Syllabus]

HIST4071: Antebellum South [Syllabus]

HISt4110: Multicultural Georgia

HIST4110H: Multicultural Georgia (Honors) [Syllabus]

HIST4130H: Slavery in Fact, Fiction, and Film [Syllabus]

HIST4990: Senior Seminar [Syllabus]

HIST6000: Studies in American History [Syllabus]

HIST8020: Seminar in Middle Period United States History [Syllabus]

HIST8030: Seminar in Recent United States History [Syllabus]

Dissertations Supervised

Rohrer, Katherine E., "Missionary Expressions of White Southern Women from the Age of Slavery through the Age of Imperialism, 1830-1930" (In Progress)

Hulbert, Matthew, "Guerrilla Memory: Irregular Recollections from the Civil War Borderlands" (In Progress)

McGuire, Samuel, "East Tennessee's Grand Army: Union Veterans, Race, and Reconciliation, 1884-1913" (In Progress)

Young, Kevin, "Fatal Encounters: TheMurder of Gladys Kinkaid and the Lynching of Broadus Miller" (In Progress)

Poister, Robert, "Borders, Blockades, and Black Markets: Smuggling and Economic Chaos in the Confederate South" (In Progress)

Osborn, Kyle, "Masters of Fate: Efficacy and Emotion in the Civil War South" (2013)

Lawton, Christopher, "Georgia Imagined, Georgia Illustrated: Reading the Landscape, 1717-1859" (2011)

Engel, Mary Ella, "Praying with One Eye Open: Mormons and Murder in Nineteenth-Century Georgia" (2009)

Myers, Barton, "'Rebels against a Rebellion': Southern Unionists in Secession, War, and Remembrance" (2009)

Nash, Steve, "The Extremest Conditions of Humanity: Emancipation, Conflict, and Progress in Western North Carolina, 1865-1880" (2009)

Justice, George, "Conventional Wisdom: Georgia State Constitutional Conventions and The Transformation of Nationalism from Republic to Modern American State, 1777-1877" (2008)

Browning, Judkin, "When Worlds Collide: The Myriad Effects of Occupation in the American Civil War" (2006)

Stewart, Bruce E., "Moonshiners on our Mind: Illicit Distilling, Prohibition, and Identity in Western North Carolina, 1791-1908" (2006)

Brown, Ras Michael, "Crossing Kalunga: West-Central Africans and their Cultural Influence in the South Carolina-Georgia Lowcountry" (2004)

Mitchell, Glenda Bridges, "Spirit-filled Women : Louisiana's United Pentecostal Church International and Modern American Culture" (2003)

Brashear, C. Craig, "Election Ground: Place, Markets, and Class in East Tennessee's Second American Party System" (2000)

MA Theses Supervised

Marsh, Christopher, "Andrew Gennett, the Weeks Act of 1911, and the Development of National Forests in Southern Appalachia" (2013)

Poister, Robert, "The Business of Exile: The Money and Memory of a 'Confederate' Family in Cuba" (2012)

Merritt, Keri Leigh, "'A Vile, Immoral, and Profligate Course of Life': Poor Whites and the Enforcement of Vagrancy Law in Antebellum Georgia" (2007)

Myers, Barton, "Executing Daniel Bright: race, loyalty, and guerrilla violence in a coastal Carolina community, 1861-1865" (2005)

Stallings, Frances Patricia, "Presenting Mr. Ira's Masterpiece: Two Centuries of Agricultural Change at the Shields-Ethridge Farm" (2002)

McCallister, Andrew Beecher, ""A Source of Pleasure, Profit, and Pride": Tourism, Industrialization, and Conservation at Tallulah Falls, Georgia, 1820-1915" (2002)

Buseman, Michael Joseph, "One trade, two worlds: politics, conflict, and the illicit liquor trade in White County, Georgia and Pickens County, South Carolina, 1894-1895" (2002)

Connolly, David Hugh, "The Conservative Republicanism of Judge Joseph Henry Lumpkin: The Political, Economic and Moral Regeneration of the Antebellum South" (2000)

Warren, Wallace Hugh, "Progress and its Discontents: The Transformation of the Georgia Foothills, 1920-1970" (1997)

Cline, Lori Anne, ""Something Wrong In South Carolina: Antebellum Agricultural Tenancy and Primitive Accumulation in Three Districts"" (1996)

Sarris, Jonathan Dean, "The Madden Branch Massacre: Loyalty and Disloyalty in North Georgia's Guerrilla War 1861-1865" (1994)


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