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John Morrow,Jr.

European history; aviation history; WWI

Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1971

Office: 316 LeConte
Office Hours: T--3:30-4:45pm, W -2:20-3:20pm

Dr. John H. Morrow, Jr. was invited to join the faculty of the University of Georgia in 1988 as Franklin Professor, and in 1991 was elected History Department Chairman. He served as Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1993 to 1995 before returning to fulltime teaching and research. Twice selected an Honors Professor for superior teaching, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the history of Modern Europe and of warfare and society. He taught German history as a visiting professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point spring semester 2005, for which the Department of the Army awarded him its Outstanding Civilian Service Medal. In 1988-89 Morrow was the Charles A. Lindbergh Visiting Professor at the National Air and Space Museum (NASM), where he consulted on the design of the present gallery on World War I aviation. Morrow is a frequently invited lecturer at such institutions as the National War College, the Air War College, and the U.S. Military Academy,and he has chaired the History Advisory Committee to the Secretary of the Air Force, the Research Advisory Committee of the National Museum of American History (NMAH), and the Search Committee for the Director of the NMAH. He has most recently served on the History Advisory Committee of the Department of the Army, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commissionís Legacy Committee, and the First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board. He is presently a member of the Presidential Counselors of the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, LA, and of the Advisory Board of the Center for Oral History at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY. The author of the books German Airpower in World War I (1982) and Building German Airpower (1976), Professor Morrow's book, The Great War in the Air (1993), is considered a classic and the definitive study of air power in the First World War. His edited volume, A Yankee Ace in the RAF. The World War I Letters of Captain Bogart Rogers appeared in 1996. He authored the chapter on the air war in the Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War (1998). His comprehensive history of the First World War, The Great War: An Imperial History, appeared from Routledge Press in 2004. He has recently written the chapter on the World Wars for the American Historical Associationís forthcoming volume on the twentieth century. Morrow is presently revising a co-authored manuscript on the 369th Regiment of African-American soldiers who fought with the French Army during the First World War and writing a history of the Second World War under contract to Longman Press of London.

Research and Teaching Interests

[War and Diplomacy]

Selected Publications

The Great War: An Imperial History (Taylor & Francis, 2005) More Info

A Yankee Ace in the RAF: The World War I Letters of Captain Bogart Rogers (University Press of Kansas, 1996) edited by John H. Morrow and Earl Rogers

German Air Power in World War I (University of Nebraska Press, 1982)

Building German Airpower, 1903-1914 (University of Tennessee Press, 1976)

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, Department of the Army (2005)

Outstanding Teacher, National Alumni Association (1985)

Macebearer, University of Tennessee, Highest honor a faculty member can receive (1985)

Courses Taught

FRES1020: Freshman Seminar

HIST2302: History of Western Society Since 1500

HIST2312H: Western Society since 1500 (Honors)

HIST3752: War and Society Since 1500 [Syllabus]

HIST4392: 20th Century France

HIST4400: Age of World Wars I and II [Syllabus]

HIST8720: Colloquium in World History [Syllabus]

Dissertations Supervised

Kirby, Jason, "A Biographical Assessment of General William C. Westmoreland; Exact title unknown " (In Progress)

Riley, Susan, "TBA" (In Progress)

Huggins, Stephen, "The Mask of Grotius: The United States' Use of Terror and Civilian Violence as Policy, from Its Colonial Origins to World War II" (2013)

Howell, Michael, "Agricultural Constructions: The State, Infrastructure, and Agricultural Change in Bavaria before the FirstWorld War" (2013)

Smith, Zachary, "Frenzied Liberty: American Propaganda and the Politics of Fear, 1914-1919" (2012)

Byers, Richard, "Power and Initiative in 20th-Century Germany: The Case of Hugo Junkers" (2003)

LaValle, John Howard, "Military Professionalsim and the Realities of War: German Officers Training in the Great War" (1997)

MA Theses Supervised

Nordlund, Alexander, ""The Spirit of the Age": British War Correspondents and Interpretations of War and Culture in the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905" (2013)

Smart, McNeill, ""We Have Improvised": The Anglo-American Alliance and Axis Prisoners of War in World War II" (2012)

Morel, Kainien, "Overthrowing Tashkent: The Demise of the Soviet-American Consensus over the Asian Subcontinent following the Second Kashmir War" (2012)

Schwartzberg, Jennifer, "Race and Space: The Radical Nationalism of the Pan-German League" (2010)

Bentrott, Matthew, "Rojos, Moros, y Negros: Race and the Spanish Civil War" (2010)

Howell, Michael, "Rooted in the Dark of the Earth: Bavaria's Peasant-Farmers and The Profit of a Manufactured Paradise" (2008)

Smith, Zachary, ""With A Firm Hand of Stern Repression:" Federal Enforcement of the Draft Law, 1917-1918" (2007)

Powell, Erick James, "Mainstream media, african-american periodicals, labor press, and first red scare strikes: how a big business and government elped to undermine labor." (2006)

Stewart, Caitlin Carenen, ""Race Over Grace":The Plight of Non-Aryan Christians in the Third Reich" (2000)

Long, Bronson Wilder, "Charles De Gaulle, Konrad Adenauer and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi: A Certain Carolingian Idea of Europe and the Emergence of European Interdependence, 1943-1963" (2000)

Moot, Lisa Ann, "From Fashionable Masculinity to Feminine Resolve: Reading the Weimar Woman Question in the Berlin Newspapers" (1997)

Gay, Richard S. F., "An Honorable Patriotism: The French Socialists and the Three Year Law" (1996)

Percy, William Alexander, "Jim Crow, Uncle Sam, and the Tuskegee Flying Units: Race Relations in the United States Army Air Forces in Europe During World War II." (1994)

Thomas, Ian Scott, "Readying for Ragnarok: Ideology and Indoctrination in the Pre-War SS, 1933-1939" (1994)

Pollard, Charles Stephen, ""A Fellowship of Strangers: Social Class and the British War Experience, 1914-1918" (1993)

Sheftall, Mark David, "Broken Bodies, Broken Hearts: Lost Elite, Lost Illusions, and the Origin of Englands Lost Generation." (1993)


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