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David Roberts

Modern European cultural and intellectual history; 20th-c. Europe; fascism and totalitarianism; modern Italy

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Univ. California-Berkeley, 1971

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David Roberts is professor emeritus.


Research and Teaching Interests

[Cultural & Intellectual]

Dissertations Supervised

Clark, Mark Walter, "Intellectual Leadership and Cultural Renewal in Post-World War II Germany: Friedrich Meinecke, Thomas Mann and Karl Jaspers" (1997)

MA Theses Supervised

Eves, Rhiannon, "Divergent fascisms: gentile, bottai, de vecchi and the 1935 debate over italian education" (2006)

Wunn, Jennifer, "German Liberals and the Kulturkampf: A Questioning of Principles" (2000)

Laws, Richard Wayne, "Bergson's British Audience: A Study of Celebrity" (1998)

Stroud, Katherine Ware, "Rachilde and the Decadents: Gender and Transgression in Fin-de-Siecle France" (1997)

Parsons, Gregory Scot, ""Right-Wing Ideology and the Language of Anti-Bolshevism in Great Britain, 1918-1924" (1994)

Clark, Mark Walter, "A Philosopher on the Way to Poetry: Martin Heidegger's Turn to Poetics" (1991)

Martin, Deena McKinney, "Suffrage, War, and Feminine Identity in" (1990)


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