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William W. Stueck

United States diplomatic history; Cold War; U.S.-Korean Relations; history of tobacco use and health in US

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. Brown 1977

William Stueck is professor emeritus.

Research and Teaching Interests

[Film and History]
[Political & Legal]
[U.S. 19th & 20th Century]
[War and Diplomacy]

Selected Publications

Rethinking the Korean War (Princeton, 2002) More Info

Courses Taught

HIST2112: U.S. History 1865 to Present [Syllabus]

HIST2112H: U.S. History 1865 to Present, Honors [Syllabus]

HIST3020: United States Foreign Relations Since 1914 [Syllabus]

HIST3080H: America and the World (Honors) [Syllabus]

HIST4990: Senior Seminar [Syllabus]

HIST8112: Colloquium in United States History: 1865 to the present [Syllabus]

Dissertations Supervised

Hyun, Jun Suk, "Behind the Storm: Making a New Alliance in Post-Armistice Korea" (In Progress)

Lin, Mao, "Guns and Butter: Sino-American Relations and the Diplomacy of Modernization, 1966-1981" (2010)

Song, Min, "Economic Normalization: Sino-American Relations from 1971 to 1980" (2009)

Yi, Bo Ram, "GIs and Koreans: The Making of the First ROK-US Status of Forces Agreement, 1945-1966" (2006)

Peng, Tao, "The Foundation of Renegotiation of U.S.-Japan Security Treaty in 1960" (2003)

Bennett, Michael Todd, "Reel Relations: Culture, Diplomacy, and the Grand Alliance, 1939-1946" (2001)

Coleman, Bradley Lynn, "The Colombian-American Alliance: Colombia's Contribution to U.S. -Led Multilateral Military Efforts 1938-1953" (2001)

Hershberger, ary, "To The Shores of Vietnam: Citizen Diplomacy and the Second Indochina War" (1995)

Grabavoy, Leann, "Joseph Alsop and American Foreign Policy: The Journalist As Advocate" (1988)

MA Theses Supervised

Jordan, John David, "Shooting The Ayatollash: Photojournalism,The Press, The Foreign Policy Public, & The Iran Hostage Crisis" (2007)

Carter, Charles, "A pipeline to arms: osthandel and the rise of soviet arms sales to the non-communist third world" (2007)

Rivers, Bradley William, "The Congressional Black Caucus and American Policy toward Southern Africa, 1970-1980" (2005)

Lee, David Johnson, "Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the United Nations in transition" (2004)

Lin, Mao, "China and the escalation of the Vietnam War" (2004)

Fincher, Matthew Lee, "In the Footsteps of Orson Hyde: American Mormon Responses to Zionism and the State of Israel from 1917 to 1973" (2001)

Brodsky, Matthew L., "Playing By Its Own Rules: The United States, International Law and Nicaragua" (2000)

Sun, Yuemei, "The third force and the marshall mission" (2000)

Etheridge, Brian Craig, "Getting Real: The Transformation of International Relations in America, 1914-1945" (1998)

Maunula, Marko Heikki, "From Mill Town to Euroville: Economic Change and the Arrival of Foreign Corporations in Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1930-1980" (1998)

Mechem, Karl Andrew, "Understanding Nuclear Nonproliferation: A Comparative History of Policy in Iraq and North Korea" (1998)

Turner, Jobie Shay, "Aiken for Armageddon: The Savannah River Site and Aiken, S.C., 1950-1955." (1997)

Rountree, Elisha Lott, "Cold Warrior From Winder: Senator Richard B. Russell and National Security, 1947-1952" (1989)


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