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Registration Note: For the first couple of weeks of each term's registration, all upper division history courses are available to History Major Juniors and Seniors (those who have completed 60 or more hours, and declared their History Major with the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences). See the event calendar for the term’s POM removal date.

Advisement Services

If you are a Junior or Senior in History, you need to be advised in the History Department in LeConte Hall. If you have not yet officially declared your major, you will first need to apply to be a History major at the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, in the New College building. If you are not yet a Junior, you need to be advised in Memorial Hall, by a Franklin College of Arts and Sciences advisor. You must have completed 60 course hours in order declare your History major and to be advised in the History Department. Please see below for your assigned advisor.

Advising for undergraduates begins in September for the spring semester, and in early spring for summer and fall semesters. The History Department posts start dates for advising in LeConte Hall each term prior to advisement. It is in your best interest to see an advisor when our advising sessions begin so that you may register at the earliest possible time. Please see below for the name of your advisor.

HISTORY MAJORS - to apply for the Major, go to the College of Arts & Sciences, in Memorial Hall.

MINORS - to apply for the Minor, or submit a Minor completion form, please go to Rm. 220, the Main Office, LeConte Hall. Minor requirements may be found at the UGA bulletin.

Your History advisor: See the Undergraduate Advisor in Rm. 220B LeConte Hall for advisement during the Fall and Spring semesters. There will be a walk-in schedule posted on the door once advising begins for early registration. If you are unable to see the advisor during the posted hours, please email [advisors at uga dot edu] for an appointment during the fall and spring terms. During the Summer - if you have not yet been advised for Fall registration and you are an Honors or Probation student, please see below for your advisor assignment. If not, please stop by the History Main Office to see if an advisor is in or to make an appointment.

HONORS advisor - All honors juniors in history need to see Prof. Willis in Rm. 124 LeConte Hall for advisement. Prof. Willis has a signup sheet on his door each term. If you are taking an Honors HIST 4960H, 4970H, 4990H etc. Summer or Fall you must obtain the application form from Prof Willis during advisement. Once the form is complete, turn it in to Rm. 211 for authorization and copying. Please do this EARLY during PHASE 1A registration!!!!

PROBATION or academic dismissal students Advising - see Laurie Kane for advisement in Rm. 211 LeConte Hall.

TRANSFERS of Credit - please apply at the Main Office in Rm. 220 LeConte Hall. You will need to submit copies of your UGA DegreeWorks (student record) and course descriptions from the transferring institution's college bulletin to the Main Office, Rm. 220, and complete a short application for approval. Additional information may be required.

IB credit, AP approvals - Please submit materials with the following information to the Main Office, Rm. 220 LeConte Hall:
- Full name, Student ID#
- UGA Email address
- Test Scores
- Course syllabi

Study Abroad credit - before you leave for study abroad, it is important that you contact the office of Study Abroad at UGA well before you leave for your program to ensure that any credits you are may be transferred by submitting their required forms. They also have information on their website on finding study abroad programs.

Graduation Certification - If you have 2 or fewer upper division History courses left to take to complete your major, go to Rm. 211 LeConte Hall for your graduation/major check at any time between 8 am and 4 pm Monday-Friday.

History Paper Requirement

Our majors are required to submit a writing sample for our department to have on file for each of our students. Please submit a research paper in history from each of the history classes you have written a paper for to the advisor in Rm. 220B LeConte Hall. If you have not yet taken a HIST course, you will need to wait until you do so.

Please submit the paper by the time of your advisement session to Rm. 220B LeConte Hall. Please put your full name and your student ID # on the front page of the paper.
HONORS students should submit the paper to our Honors advisor, Prof. Willis, as the paper will be kept in your advising file.

Faculty Mentoring

If you have questions about history as a career, applying to graduate school in history, being a history professor, or questions not related to advisement and registration, please see a faculty member in the history department for mentoring. Faculty mentors are assigned alphabetically. *If your faculty mentor is out of the country for a semester, you may see another faculty member on the list, or see your advisor for a recommendation. Any student may contact a particular faculty member of their choice if they have an interest in any certain field of history.

If your last name begins with the following letters, please see the instructor listed:

A, Professor Berry
Ba-Be, Professor Chamosa
Bi-Br, Professor Clark*
Bu-Cap, Professor Cleaveland
Car-Cho, Professor Cobb
Cl-Co, Professor Ehlers
Cr-D, Professor Hamilton
E, Professor Hoffer*
F-Ga, Professor Inscoe
Ge-Gl, Professor Kreiner
Go-Gz, Professor Kulikoff
H-Hu, Professor Lee
Hv-Ko, Professor Levine
Kp-Lc, Professor Mattern-Parkes
Ld-Ly, Professor Mihm
M-McA, Professor D. Morrow
McB-Moo, Professor J. Morrow
Mor-Mu, Professor Pollard
N-O, Professor Moreton
P, Professor Román
Q-R, Professor Rood
S-Sm, Professor Saunt
Sn-Sz, Professor Short
T-U, Professor Stueck
V-W, Professor Voekel
Was-Wh, Professor Whigham
Wi-Z, Professor Winship






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