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Award-winning History faculty at the University of Georgia offer a broad array of courses each semester, including freshman seminars, introductory surveys, upper-division courses, honors surveys and seminars, and split-level courses open to graduate students as well as undergraduates. Some upper-division courses carry prerequisites, but many do not; freshman seminars and introductory surveys do not presuppose any collegiate background in historical studies. All courses help students, whether majors or non-majors, to hone their communications skills, develop analytical and interpretative tools, and explore the processes, events, places, and people that have transformed our world over time.

First- and second-year courses (numbered 1000-1999) are aimed at students with little or no background in historical studies. Introductory surveys (numbered 2000-2999) are open to non-majors as well as majors, and provide overviews of core issues in African, American, Asian, Latin American, Western, and World history. Upper-division courses numbered 3000-3999 are generally designed for mixtures of third- and fourth-year students and cover more specialized topics with greater depth than surveys, yet do not necessarily presuppose deep background in historical knowledge. Upper-division courses numbered 4000-5999 are taken by third- and fourth-year students along with graduate students, and are taught at an advanced level. Various Honors courses and special-topics courses are also offered. To see which courses are being offered in the current and upcoming semesters, visit the Registrar's Schedule of Classes and search for 'HIST' within the appropriate document.

A list of all courses offered is available in the UGA Bulletin (see link below), although the Bulletin does not list special topics courses. For examples of special topics courses currently or previously offered, see the Current Schedule and Sample syllabi links below.

Bulletin: Brief descriptions of registered History courses, excluding special topics courses. 'HIST4xxx/6xxx' courses are split-level courses open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Current Schedule: List of all courses being offered this semester and in the upcoming semester.

Syllabi: Sample syllabi from current and previously taught undergraduate and graduate courses.


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Pre/Post 1600 courses
* Courses that focus on a period after 1600
** Courses that focus on a period before 1600

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