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Undergraduate Studies in History

As an academic discipline, history is dedicated to making sense of a complicated world. The study of history at the University of Georgia helps both majors and non-majors to become adept at communicating complex ideas with concision and force, both orally and via the written word, while developing the analytical skills necessary to critically evaluate the words and deeds that have shaped and continue to shape our world.

Our faculty offer courses covering a broad variety of time periods, areas of the world, and themes in history. First- and second-year courses (numbered 1000-1999) are aimed at students with little or no background in historical studies. Introductory surveys (numbered 2000-2999) are open to non-majors as well as majors, and provide overviews of core issues in African, American, Asian, Latin American, Western, and World history. Upper-division courses numbered 3000-3999 are generally designed for mixtures of third- and fourth-year students and cover more specialized topics with greater depth than surveys, yet do not necessarily presuppose deep background in historical knowledge. Upper-division courses numbered 4000-5999 are taken by third- and fourth-year students along with graduate students, and are taught at an advanced level. Various Honors courses and special-topics courses are also offered. To see which courses are being offered in the current and upcoming semesters, visit the Registrar's Schedule of Classes and search for 'HIST' within the appropriate document.

The History major is among the most flexible and far-ranging areas of study available to undergraduates at the University of Georgia. The requirements for a History major assure that graduates will develop both depth and breadth of knowledge of geographical regions of the world, time periods in history, and thematic approaches to understanding social, political, and economic changes in human societies. A degree in History is excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers -- in law, teaching, business, public service, journalism, and medicine. The professions and professional schools (law, medicine, and business) are increasingly seeking applicants with broad interests and diverse intellectual backgrounds, who demonstrate precisely the analytical and verbal skills which an undergraduate major in history cultivates. History stresses learning how to read critically, write effectively, and develop diverse yet rigorous bodies of knowledge--all skills that open up a world of career opportunities for holders of the history degree. Students who wish to benefit from the advantages of rigorous study of history without becoming majors can complete the requirements for a History minor.

The Department offers various forms of undergraduate services, including advising for history students. Advising takes multiple forms within the department. For majors who are juniors or seniors, trained academic advisors help students to select courses, fulfill requirements, and graduate in a timely manner. Junior Honors majors are advised by Professor Kirk Willis. For any student who has questions about history as a career, applying to graduate school in history, or questions unrelated to specific degree requirements, faculty members provide mentoring. Visit the advising page for full details on these matters, and to learn about graduation certification, the history paper requirement, transfers of credit, and probation.

Awards are given annually to undergraduate students who demonstrate impressive research and writing skills. History majors with strong academic records are also encouraged to join the Epsilon Pi chapter of the national history honors society, Phi Alpha Theta, which organizes social, community, and academic events and publishes a journal of undergraduate research. Students seeking information on the United States and Georgia History Exam should be aware that the test is now administered by University Testing Services at Clark Howell Hall; please contact University Testing Services to register for the test. Prepare for the test with this study guide. A passing score on the United States and Georgia history examination is required of all persons receiving a baccalaureate degree from the University of Georgia, unless exempted by one of the following courses: HIST 2111 (U.S. survey to 1865), HIST 2112 (U.S. survey since 1865), HIST 2111H and HIST 2112H (honors versions of the U.S. surveys), HIST 3080H (America and the World—honors), or HIST 4100 (the history of Georgia).


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