Instructions for Updating Your Departmental Personnel Page

Having up-to-date research biographies, photographs, CVs, publications listings, and records of honors received helps our department in numerous ways. With our new dynamic web system, you should find updating your profile easier than it has ever been. Here are some helpful tips:

Editing your individual Selected Publications

  1. Log into the site and navigate to your personnel page via the directory. 
  2. Scroll down to Publications, and click on the title of a publication. 
  3. You will now see an "edit" tab for the publication, and you can tweak your entry from there. 

Removing publications

If you do not wish for a particular publication to show up in this list, you may "unpublish" it.*

  1. When you are editing an individual publication, go to "Publication options" at the bottom
  2. Uncheck the "publish" box.

*This will remove it from all publication lists on the site-- including the main departmental list and the research list. Please keep this in mind, especially if your publication has multiple authors in your department; it will remove it from their lists as well.

Adding a new publication

  1. Go to the admin menu bar at the top of the page, and select "add content." 

  2. Select "Biblio." 

  3. Once you pick a publication type, several more fields will appear. 

  4. Fill them out to your liking.