Advising for History Majors

All History majors are now advised in the History Department in LeConte Hall. If you have not yet officially declared your major, you will first need to apply to be a History major on-line in Athena.  Please see below for your assigned advisor. All students advised in the History Department should go to SAGE, the Student Advising & Guidance Expert for Franklin College, to make an advising appointment and be cleared to register.

Advising for undergraduates begins in September for the spring semester, and in early spring for summer and fall semesters. The History Department posts start dates for advising in LeConte Hall each term prior to advisement. It is in your best interest to see an advisor when our advising sessions begin so that you may register at the earliest possible time. Please see below for the name of your advisor.

History majors and minors

To apply for the Major or Minor go to Athena and select the My Programs tab. Major and Minor requirements may be found at the UGA Bulletin.

Your History Advisor: Once advising begins for the semester, students will need to make an appointment with your assigned advisor in SAGE. See below for advisor information.

History major undergraduate advising offices for history majors not on retention (academic probation or dismissal) – please make an appointment with  Jessica Couch (126 LeConte Hall) in SAGE.

Honors: If you are taking an Honors HIST 4960H, 4970H, 4990H etc. Summer or Fall you must obtain the application from the CURO office or their website and follow their instructions on the form. Please do this EARLY during PHASE 1A registration.

Retention students (History): students on academic retention (probation and dismissal) should make an advising appointment with Laurie Kane in SAGE for advisement (Rm. 211 LeConte Hall);  non-traditional or working students or UGA staff unable to make regular advising hours may do the same.

Faculty mentoring

If you have questions about history as a career, applying to graduate school in history, being a history professor, or questions not related to advisement and registration, please see a faculty member in the history department for mentoring. If the faculty member is out of the country, you may see your advisor for a recommendation. Any student may contact a particular faculty member of their choice if they have an interest in any certain field of history.

Transfers of credit

Please apply at the Main Office in Rm. 220 LeConte Hall. You will need to submit copies of your UGA DegreeWorks (student record) and course descriptions from the transferring institution's college bulletin to the Main Office, Rm. 220, and complete a short application for review by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Additional information may be required.

IB credit, AP approvals - See below, do not email to Department.

Please submit materials with the following information to the Main Office, Rm. 220 LeConte Hall for review by the Director of Undergraduate Studies:

  • Full name, Student ID#
  • UGA email address
  • Course syllabus (the actual plan for your class, not the generic IB outlines available online)

History Internships and HIST 4800

HIST 4800 is for the history major who is accepted into an internship program to gain experience in an institution or organization and who wants to earn academic credit for history-related research work in conjunction with the internship.  A scholarly research paper is required. Enrollment is subject to approval of the course application. Students find internship opportunities in a variety of ways--through legislative entities, our Public History in D.C. program, the Student Conservation Association, and other individual profit and non-profit organizations. History students who wish to apply for academic credit for their internship should meet with Laurie Kane in Rm. 211 LeConte Hall for information.

Study Abroad credit

Before you leave for study abroad, it is important that you contact the office of Study Abroad at UGA well before you leave for your program to ensure that any credits you are may be transferred by submitting their required forms. They also have information on their website on finding study abroad programs. Study Abroad approval forms should be completed in full before submitting them to your advisor for approval. Please see your history advisor for more information on UGA study abroad programs and applying for the history department study abroad scholarship.

Graduation dates and graduation certification

If you need to change your graduate date or find out when it is, find your

  • Degree Works record (look for "Pending Degree Term" in the column under your name)
  • Academic Advisor
  • Graduation Advisor

Note: The "Expected Graduation Date" in ATHENA is not correct. Check Degreeworks for accurate information.

Does my graduation date need to be accurate?

It is important for the graduation certification process, as well as Financial Aid, that your tentative graduation date is accurate. To update your graduation date, please contact our office at 706-542-1522 or email

Application for Graduation

All students are required to submit an application for graduation in Athena prior to the midterm of the semester they plan to graduate.

If you have 2 or fewer upper division History courses left to take to complete your major, go to Rm. 211 LeConte Hall for your graduation/major check at any time between 8 am and 4 pm Monday-Friday.

Annual Graduation reception for graduating history majors

Our reception is held the day of Spring commencement in the afternoon, details are announced in March. All graduating seniors and their families are invited to the celebratory reception prior to commencement.