Contributions to the Department of History

The continued support of alumni and friends of the University of Georgia History Deparment bolsters its teaching and research missions in invaluable ways. Individuals are honored by named scholarship and fellowship funds, the History Department is made stronger through continued contributions, and donors can receive tax deductions. Clicking on the title of each account listed below will allow you to make donation to that account online, or you may call 706-542-2507.

Please consider making your annual contribution this year to support our Challenge Match

We have been "challenged" by a donor to raise $10,000 this year for GRADUATE STUDENT SUPPORT – if we raise $10,000, the donor will contribute an additional $5,000. The history department’s Graduate Support Fund provides assistance to students so that they can attend an important conference, travel to conduct research, access software or other equipment needed for their work, and anything in between that will help our students succeed in their academic endeavors.

Thank you. To make your gift, simply click here: Graduate Student Support Fund

Support the Department of History in the manner that suits you best

The easiest way to donate to the Georgia Fund to support the Department of History is to donate online, through the University's secure servers. If you would prefer to mail us your donation, please contact the History Department at 706-542-2507.

All contributions are gratefully accepted. All gifts to the UGA Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law.