Each year the faculty recognize outstanding history majors for their achievements in historical scholarship. The Department maintains a list of past winners here.

Awards by student application with faculty recommendation

Study Abroad Scholarships

Any undergraduate history major can fill out an Application for the Study Abroad Scholarship to participate in an official UGA study abroad program. Awarded twice yearly: due October 15 for spring study abroad and February 28 for summer and fall.

  • recipients of the Department's Study Abroad Scholarship in 2017-2018: Luke Bundrum (Paris), McKenzie Peterson (Rome), Celia Clark (Oxford), Haley Higginbotham (Paris), Sarah Sovoie (D.C./Public History), Madison Immel (D.C./Public History), Sarah Refus (D.C./Public History), Ellie McQuaig (D.C./Public History)

  • recipient of the Drew and Dorianne Norwood Award for study abroad in 2017-2018: Madison Immel

  • recipient of the Piper Award for study abroad in 2017-2018: McKenzie Peterson

  • recipients of the Oran and Sally Woodall Travel Scholarship in 2017-2018: Matthew T. Goldenberg; Kathryn Thomson

Summer Program in Public History Scholarship 

The Gregory Summer Public History scholarship is dedicated to helping defray the costs of students enrolled in the Department's Summer Program in Public History in Washington, D.C. Any history major can fill out an application for this scholarship as part of their application to the program. 2019 deadline: 1 February.

  • 2018: Sarah Refuss, Ellie McQuaig, and Madison Immel

  • 2017: Madison Bledsoe

History Undergraduate Research Award 

Any undergraduate history major can fill out an Application for the Undergraduate Research Award to help fund research for a HIST 4990 senior seminar research paper, or for travel to present a history paper at a professional conference. Awarded twice yearly: due October 1 for fall 4990s and conferences, and February 28 for spring 4990s and conferences or summer conference travel.

  • 2015-2016: Caroline Jackson, Courtney DeRieux

Awards by faculty nomination

Kay Parker Digital Humanities Award 
Presented annually for an outstanding project in the digital humanities

  • 2018: Frances Abele, sponsored by Steve Soper

  • 2017: Kaitlin Dotson, sponsored by Steve Soper

Alf Andrew Heggoy Award
Presented annually to an undergraduate for the best senior paper

  • 2018: Eunice Kim, sponsored by Steve Soper

  • 2017: Kailyn LaPorte, sponsored by Cindy Hahamovitch

Encouragement to Teach Award
Presented to a history graduate student or undergraduate history major who will teach history at a state college, junior college, or high school

  • 2018: Hannah Sharpe, sponsored by Oscar Chamosa

  • 2016: Brian Heredia, sponsored by Montgomery Wolf; Natalie Varkey, sponsored by Jamie Kreiner

History Department Award (Undergraduate)
Presented to an outstanding undergraduate in a field other than American history

  • 2018: Mitchell Frye, sponsored by Tim Cleaveland

  • 2017: William Leslie Courtney, sponsored by Jamie Kreiner

Hostilo Family Scholarship in History
Presented to an undergraduate from a population that has been historically disadvantaged within the academic field of history

  • 2018: Zakiyya Ellington, sponsored by Kevin Jones

  • 2017: Whitnei Harris, sponsored by Diane Batts Morrow and Jamie Kreiner

Joe Brown Connally Award
Presented to an outstanding junior who has demonstrated excellence in history and whose interests include Georgia history

  • 2018: David Lawrence, sponsored by Cindy Hahamovitch

  • 2017: Langston Leake, sponsored by Brian Drake

Phyllis Jenkins Barrow Scholarship
Presented to an outstanding junior history major

  • 2018: Tayjas Rajamaran, sponsored by Oscar Chamosa

  • 2017: Matthew Goldenberg, sponsored by Jennifer Palmer

Thomas Pleasant Vincent Sr. Award
Presented to a distinguished undergraduate or graduate student of history with a special interest in the history of Georgia

  • 2018: Sierra Pritchard, sponsored by Steve Berry

Warner-Fite Award
Presented to an outstanding graduate or undergraduate student in American/U.S. history

  • 2017: Alexander Garrett, sponsored by Montgomery Wolf