Instructional Information & Forms


  • Photocopy Policy
    • Exams and class handouts should be placed in the tray at least three working days before they are needed. Manuscripts and articles, depending on the length, should also be turned in at least one to three weeks before date requested. Sufficient lead time will allow staff to meet all copying requests in a timely manner. Please read the complete photocopy policy: [PDF]
  • Academic Calendar
    • Major holidays, important admin. dates, etc.
  • Schedule of Classes
    • Current offerings; exam schedules
  • Dean's Calendar
    • Important administrative deadlines
  • Teaching Guide
    • For all history instructors
  • Computer and A/V equipment
    • Information and policies regarding computer lab, projectors, etc.
  • Course Withrawals
    • Withdrawal Information for Faculty and Students
  • Withdrawals for Non-Attendance
    • Updated procedure on instructor-initiated withdrawals for non-attendance