Department Governance

Administrative Positions

  • The History Department Head is Claudio Saunt (term expires June 2019).
  • The Director of Graduate Studies is Dan Rood.
  • The Director of Undergraduate Studies is Jamie Kreiner.


Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Guidelines for the Annual Evaluation of Faculty



Much of the work of the department is carried out by standing committees. Current committes and their membership include:

Franklin Senate (3-year term; elected spring)

  • Cassia Roth (term expires April 2021)
  • Steve Soper (term expires April 2019)

Graduate Studies (3-year term; elected spring)

  • Cindy Hahamovitch (term expires May 2020)
  • Steve Berry (term expires May 2021)
  • Jake Short (term expires May 2021)
  • Dan Rood (ex officio)

Graduate Funding Committee (2-year term; elected fall)

  • Jennifer Palmer (term expires August 2019)
  • Akela Reason (term expires August 2019)
  • Tim Cleaveland (term expires August 2020)

Personnel (2-year term; elected fall)

  • John Morrow, Jr. (term expires August 2019)
  • Ari Levine (term expires August 2020)
  • Steve Berry (term expires August 2019)

Policy (2-year term; elected spring)

  • Oscar Chamosa (term expires May 2020)
  • Scott Nelson (term expires May 2019)
  • Akela Reason (term expires May 2020)
  • Susan Mattern (term expires May 2020)
  • Steve Soper (term expires May 2019)
  • Dan Rood (ex officio)
  • Jamie Kreiner (ex officio)
  • Claudio Saunt (ex officio)

Undergraduate Studies (3-year term; elected spring)

  • Kevin Jones (term expires May 2020)
  • Stephen Mihm (term expires May 2019)
  • Timothy Yang (term expires May 2021)
  • Jamie Kreiner (ex officio)