Course Evaluation Instructor Login

To submit TA evaluations - please go to Graduate Program forms for Faculty.

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Your undergraduate students can go to the undergraduate web page in history to log in to the evaluation form for your class. Please note: evaluations are accessible for a limited period of time prior to the start of the final exam schedule. Instrcutors will be notified when the semester evaluation forms are available on-line.

The Franklin College suggests these strategies that are being used to increase response rates:

  • Some faculty offer incentives such as extra credit on the final exam or final grade.
  • Some units increase the amount of time students have to complete the evaluation so faculty may provide students with in-class reminders over a period of several weeks.
  • Students are receptive to verbal reminders AND e-mail reminders.
  • Some units schedule evaluations in computer labs during class time. (Or allow studnets to bring laptops to class.)
  • Some professors allow students to leave a few minutes early if they promise to complete evaluations.
  • Units get the best response rates when faculty are advocates of the web-based model and reiterate the importance of the evaluations to their students.