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128 LeConte Hall
East Tennessee State University
University of Georgia
History and Political Science

Derrick J. Angermeier is presently a PhD candidate in the History Department of the University of Georgia. His dissertation, under the direction of Dr. John H. Morrow Jr., explores the expectations, hopes, and fears for the future held by everyday people in the U.S. South and Bavaria, Germany during the 1920s and 1930s. Derrick has been awarded multiple research grants which have taken him across the U.S. South and to the southern German state of Bavaria. In October 2017, Derrick earned a Wilson Center Graduate Research Award to study the second Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina and Eugenics in Virginia. Derrick prides himself on sharing his expertise and research with the public. In November 2017, he spoke on a panel hosted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum that asked the complicated question "What did Georgians know about the Nazi threat?" In February 2018 he spoke about the role expectation played in everyday complicity in the Third Reich and Jim Crow South at a symposium co-sponsored by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the UAB Institue for Human Rights. This May Derrick will be the Graduate Fellow of the Berlin Seminar in Transnational European Studies. As an instructor, Derrick prioritizes making the global events of the past more relevant to the American students of the present, an effort that has brought an array of discussions into the classroom ranging from Finland's experiments with Universal Basic Income, Genocide in the Belgian Congo, The Three Caballeros as World War II propaganda, sit-ins in the Athens Georgia Varsity, to name a few examples. In his research, community service, and teaching, Derrick strives above all else to bring the past to bear on as many minds as possible.    

Curriculum Vitae: 
Matriculation Date: 
August, 2013
Graduation Date: 
December, 2018

Graduate Fellow of the Berlin Seminar in Transnational European Studies, May 2018

Travel Grant, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, February 2018

Wilson Center Graduate Research Award, October 2017

Graduate Student International Travel Grant, March 2017, February 2017

Graduate Student Travel Grant, March 2016, October 2016

Lunchtime Time-Machine Talk Graduate Student Audition Winner, October 2015

Outstanding Teaching Assistantship Award, April 2015 

Gregory Travel Grant, September 2014

Carl Vipperman Teaching Assistantship Award, May 2014                                                                          

Courses Taught

History of Western Society Since 1500