Alumnus (Graduate Program)

Basic Information

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I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2010 with a B.A. in Religious Studies. As an undergraduate, I was interested in witchcraft traditions, millenarian movements, and marginalized or stigmatized belief systems religious groups. I developed a specific interest in indigenous and African-derived Latin American religions after taking classes with professors Reinaldo Romàn and Oscar Chamosa. I was extremely fortunate to be accepted to the graduate program in 2011 to study with Dr. Romàn. My current research focuses on the recent history of Afro-Cuban religions in the United States.

Dissertation/Thesis Title:
M.A. Thesis: “Unificar, Enseñar, y Limpiar la Imagen”: Public Representation and Religious Community in Santería and the History of Lukumi v. Hialeah
Degree Completion Date:
Selected Publications:

Bongiovanni, Brice. “'unificar, Enseñar, Y Limpiar La Imagen': Public Representation And Religious Community In Santería And The History Of Lukumi V. Hialeah”. Reinaldo Roman. 2013: n. pag. Print.