Alumnus (Graduate Program)

Basic Information

Christopher J. Manganiello's book manuscript, "Southern Water, Southern Power," is a story about environmental manipulation and political power. People have transformed every major river in region to secure cheap energy to fuel industrial and urban development. We have, however, been slow to acknowledge the consequences--the ecological transformations, urban drought, and the demands of the energy-water nexus on limited water supplies in a humid region assumed to have endless supplies of water. Today, southern consumers use more energy than any other region in the country. "Southern Water, Southern Power" illustrates how we got here, who led the charge, and why producing energy has always been a complicated business. Chris has also published in the Journal of the History of Biology, and has also co-edited a book, Environmental History and the American South: A Reader, with Paul S. Sutter (University of Georgia Press, 2009).

Selected Publications:

Manganiello, Christopher. “Dam Crazy With Wild Consequences: Artificial Lakes And Natural Rivers In The American South, 1845-1990”. Paul S Sutter. 2010: n. pag. Print.