Transfer Student Welcome Day

It's Transfer Student Welcome Day at UGA! If you are a new history major at UGA this semester, please stop by to meet our new advisor Ms. Couch. All new students are welcome to stop by with any questions, or transfer credit evaluation queries, etc. 8:30am - 4pm LeConte Hall, Rm. 125 - Jessica Couch, or Rm. 211 - Laurie Kane.

Welcome to UGA from the History Department


Discussion: The Legacy of Fidel Castro

The death of Fidel Castro on November 25, 2016 marked the end of one of the world’s most influential people. Leaving behind a legacy mired in international sanctions, political imprisonments, human and civil rights abuses while simultaneously achieving universal healthcare, the right to employment for the Cuban people and close to a 100% literacy rate. Described by many as a dictator, he was also hailed, as Richard Gott described him, as a “world hero in the mould of Garibaldi” for many people of the developing world.

Lunchtime Time Machine: What was the best brewery in Savannah in 1735?

This installment of the Department of History's undergraduate lecture series features Ph.D. candidate James Owen, whose research uses musicology as a lens to understand Moravian missions in the New World, and their interactions with Indians, slaves, and runaway slave communities. Believe it or not, brewing plays a surprising role in that history, too. 

Free admission, free pizza.

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