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"100 Years Since the Great War: Is Southeastern Europe Still Doomed by Gavrilo Princip's Bullets?"

This lecture will give a short overview of the various experiences of the “Yugoslav” people in the Great War. It will demonstrate how both the Kingdom of Yugoslavia before WWII and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia after 1945 were shaped by the experience of the Great War, and how the memory of WWI changed over time and was manipulated for political ends. Different narratives of the Great War in different segments of Yugoslav society became a part of the battles that led to the break-up of the SFRY and the Wars of Yugoslav Seccession. Finally, the talk will consider the implications of the Yugoslav experience for the international system established after both World Wars, in the face of the current crises in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Sponsored by Germanic and Slavic Studies and the Department of History.

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