HGSA's Professional Development Workshop is proud to showcase the role of Digital Humanities in the field of history.

Join us on Thursday, October 5th, on the 3rd Floor of the Main Library in the Digi Lab. 

There, a panel will offer their perspectives, opportunities that exist, and experience in adding a digital element to historical scholarship.

Historian, Dr. Stephen Berry will dig into his website, CSI:Dixie,  and offer his opinions on how historical scholarship can take advantage of digital projects.

Then, Andrew Fialka, a PhD candidate in the department, will discuss  his path through the graduate program and the successes he's seen from the digital work he's produced.

Emily Mcginn, Digital Humanities Coordinator,  will highlight the services available in the lab, the software, the hands on assistance, the guest lectures held and the work done with the history department.

Finally, Meagan Duever, a GIS librarian,  will spend the last 15 minutes talking about the GIS services in the sub-basement, and take some time talk about the courses she's designed for teaching specific programs to the humanities.

If you've considered starting down a path towards incorporating the digital humanities into your research, these four people can give you solid advice from every angle.