The history department at the University of Georgia is on the cutting edge of the exciting new (and old) field of the history of capitalism. Recognized by the New York Times in April 2013 for innovative approaches to the field, the department's award-winning faculty and graduate students have been at the forefront of this new, exciting field of historical inquiry. From transnational and Global South studies of slavery, agrarian and revolutionary politics, and corporate culture to studies of U.S., Latin American, European, and East Asian historical political economy, technology, and religion, our historians of capitalism cover a wide range of eras and areas of history. They have also written for a range of venues, reaching both academic and general audiences. Several members of the department have been particularly active in the Business History Conference, the premier international society for historians of capitalism. The department also hosted a 2012 conference, "Capitalism in America: A New History," and is playing a central role in the newly formed Global Capitalism Initiative (GCI) that involves a coalition of diverse departments, including history, geography, philosophy, sociology, English, and economics. A graduate student reading group meets regularly to discuss major works in the field.

Publications under the Capitalism Research Area

Palmer, Jennifer L. Intimate Bonds: Family And Slavery In The French Atlantic. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016. Print.
Palmer, Jennifer L. "women And Contracts In The Age Of Transatlantic Commerce". Women And Work In Eighteenth-Century France. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 2015. Print.


Faculty interested in Capitalism Research

B. Phinizy Spalding Professor of History Emeritus
Professor, B. Phinizy Spalding Professor of Southern History, Reviews Editor, LABOR: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas
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Professor, Athletic Association Professor in the Humanities
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Graduate Students interested in Capitalism Research