Armistice: 1918/2018

A panel discussion of the agreement to end the fighting of World War I. Featuring John Morrow, Jr. (Chair); Alex Nordlund (History); Whitney Priest (History); and Adam Parkes (English).

Light refreshments to follow. This is a free, public event.

Sponsored by the History Department and the Transnational European Studies Program.

2018 Award for Excellence in Student Research: Laura E. Nelson

photo of library thesis collection

The Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council (GHRAC) has selected the M.A. Thesis, "A 'Miserable Creature' or 'Remarkable Man':  Wilkes Flagg and the Ambiguity of Race in Nineteenth-Century Middle Georgia," written by UGA history alumnus Laura E. Nelson (MA history 2018),  to receive the 2018 Award for Excellence in Student Research Using Historical Records.

DIGI Colloquium: Digital Workflow, Machine Learning, and Getting to Publication

Scott Reynolds Nelson will talk about using Word files and digital folders to manage document workflow for large research projects. Topics will include the flow-documents, place-keepers, and writing-diaries that help a writer maintain focus. He will also discuss using machine-learning tools to improve scholarly serendipity. Sites and applications discussed (but not endorsed) will include FineReaderOnline, Tesseract, Zotero, Google Scholar, Amazon,, and Mendeley.