Natasha Lightfoot (Columbia U, New York) history lecture

Natasha Lightfoot, associate professor, Columbia University, will give a talk on the subject of her new book: Troubling Freedom: Antigua and the Aftermath of British Emancipation (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2015). Lightfoot secializes in slavery and emancipation studies, and black identities, politics, and cultures in the fields of Caribbean, Atlantic World, and African Diaspora History. Her  book focuses on black working class people's everyday forms of freedom in Antigua after emancipation.

PDW: Entering the Academic Job Market

Dr. Tore Olsson (UGA alumn) will offer a Professional Development Workshop on entering the job market in academia. 

He will spend a few minutes discussing how to give a job talk, interviewing for positions inside and outside academia, and what to expect. From there, he will open it up to the grad students for a Q&A. 

With so many of us entering the job market soon, this PDW is sure to be informative, pertinent, and instructive.

Lunch will be provided, so please RSVP when requested. 





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