Spring '18 History Class on-line evaluations April 16-26

Student on-line history course evaluations are available April 16 - 26 at eval.franklin.uga.edu. Evaluations may be submitted during this time prior to the first day of final exams, at which time submissions will be closed. This is for history courses taught by the department of history. Students registered in large survey classes that have breakout discussion groups will have two evaluations to submit for such a class - one for the instructor and one for the teaching assistant.

A panel and roundtable discussion: "Using Digitized Prison Data"

A panel and roundtable discussion:  "Using Digitized Prison Data" with Prof. Barry Godfrey (University of Liverpool), Prof. Jayne Mooney (John Jay College of Criminal Justice), Prof. Sarah Shannon (U  Georgia), and Prof. Steven Soper (history at U Georgia).  The panel members will discuss their experience gathering and analyzing large data sets with information on prisons and prisoners in the United States and the United Kingdom, from the eighteenth century to the present. 

This is a free event, the public is invited.

Prof. Barry Godfrey (U Liverpool): "The Future of the Digital Panopticon."

Prof. Barry Godfrey (University of Liverpool), "The Future of the Digital Panopticon."  Godfrey is Professor of Social Justice in the University of Liverpool's Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology.  He is also the Principal Investigator of the remarkable website and database, The Digital Panopticon (www.digitalpanopticon.org), which contains millions of searchable records on approximately 90,000 convicts in Britain and British colonies, from 1780 to 1925.  Prof.


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