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Daleah Goodwin received her bachelor and master's degrees in history from Florida A&M University. Her research focuses on an early twentieth-century educator, dynamic elocutionist, dedicated suffragist, and unwavering temperance crusader: Miss Hallie Quinn Brown. Her dissertation, ''Torch in the Valley: The Life and Work of Miss Hallie Quinn Brown,'' examines Brown's challenges and accomplishments as she campaigned for equal education access, political representation for women, and led the most influential African American women's organization of the era, the National Association of Colored Women. Daleah documents what Brown's public work and activism reveals about the ways black women maneuvered and positioned themselves to secure social equality and political enfranchisement for women, all while ''uplifting the race.''

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"A Torch in the Valley": The Life and Work of Miss Hallie Quinn Brown
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Goodwin, Daleah. “"a Torch In The Valley": The Life And Work Of Miss Hallie Quinn Brown”. Diane Batts Morrow. 2014: n. pag. Print.