Graduate students at a paintball event

History Graduate Student department representatives

  • Ph.D. Representative: Maggie Neel
  • M.A. Representative: Chris Choe

History Graduate Student Association

The History Graduate Student Association coordinates book sales and provides camaraderie and intellectual community to history graduate students.

Officers, 2020-21

  • President: Maggie Neel
  • Vice-President and annual book sale: Chris Choe
  • Professional Development Workshop series: Savannah Guenthner
  • 1st year mentoring: Kelly Delaney
  • Student Speaker Series: Ally Velez
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Billy McKee
  • Social Events Coordinator: Sara Small


Activities of the HGSA

 HGSA also hosts a number of workshops, activities, and social events throughout the year.

Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) offer an opportunity for students to meet and interact with faculty of the department in a casual setting for workshops on topics such as finding funding and external grants, networking at conferences, organizing research, writing the dissertation proposal, going on the job market and job talks, and even how to incorporate your research into your teaching effectively.

These workshops are often paired with Student Speaker Series (SSS) presentations, which give graduate students in the history department the opportunity to “workshop” and present conference papers, job talks, articles, and other written pieces or presentations to their peers for feedback and advice.

In addition to organizing these workshops, HGSA sponsors graduate get-togethers each semester and works to promote an environment of academic and social well-being for the gradaute student community.