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Basic Information

Curriculum Vitae:
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Andrew Fialka, worked at the Center for Virtual History ( on projects such as “CSI: Dixie,” “Civil War GIS,” and “Of Methods and Madness: A Spatial History Approach to the Civil War’s Guerrilla Violence.” He will be an Assistant Professor of History at Middle Tennessee University beginning Fall 2018.

Selected Publications:

Myers, Barton A, and Brian D McKnight. “In Through The Out Door Of War: Spatiotemporal Patterns Within Civil War Missouri’S Domestic Supply Line”. The Guerrilla Hunters: Exploring The Civil War's Irregular Conflicts. 2016. Print.

Beilein, Joseph M, and Matthew C Hulbert. “Controlled Chaos: Spatiotemporal Patterns Within Missouri’S Irregular Civil War”. The Civil War Guerrilla: Unfolding The Black Flag In History, Memory, And Myth. 2015. Print.

Fialka, Andrew. “Of Methods And Madness: A Spatial History Approach To The Civil War's Guerrilla Violence”. 0: n. pag. Print.


MA in History, West Virginia University, 2013

BA in History, Minor in Business, University of Missouri, 2010

Of note:

Dean's Award, UGA Graduate School, 2016

Filson Research Fellowship, Filson Historical Society, 2015

Kentucky Historical Society Research Fellowship, KHS Foundation, 2015

Horace Montgomery Graduate Fellowship, UGA History Department, 2015

Three Minute Thesis Grand Prize Winner, UGA Graduate School, 2015

Willson Center Graduate Research Award, UGA Graduate School, 2014

Gregory Graduate Travel Award, UGA History Department, 2014; 2015

Gregory Graduate Research Award, UGA History Department, 2013; 2015

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