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Curriculum Vitae:

Other research areas include death and dying, mental illness, disability, and food history.

Selected Publications:

Richier, Leah. “Civil War Cemeteries”. The Civil War In Georgia: A New Georgia Encyclopedia Companion. 2011. Print.

Richier, Leah. “If He Should Die: The Plight Of Patients And Their Families In The Georgia And South Carolina Lunatic Asylums During The 1860S”. 1AD: n. pag. Print.

Of note:

• Diversity and Inclusion Fellow, UGA (2016-2017) • Gregory Dissertation Summer Completion Award, UGA (2016) • Department Nomination for Teaching in Excellence Award, UGA (2016) • Future Faculty of UGA (2015-2016) • Carl Vipperman Teaching Assistantship Award, UGA (2015) • Outstanding Teaching Assistantship Award, UGA (2015) • Sitterson Visiting Scholars Grant, UNC-Chapel Hill (2014-2015) • Summer Doctoral Research Award, UGA (2014) • Gregory Travel Award, History Department, UGA (2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016)

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